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The new tax deadline for the 2019 tax filing is JULY 15, 2020. This includes individuals and businesses. This deadline is an extension of time to file and also time to pay, without any penalty or interest.  For updated and detailed information, click on the News tab and click Daily News.

If you are not ready to file by July 15th, please call our office and let us know if you would like an extension. This will extend your time to file to October 15, 2020 just as in years past.

Our office is currenly open for drop off and pick up only. We are not taking any face to face appointments at this time. Please call us if you have any questions or need to discuss anything regarding your tax preparation or return.



COVID-19: Help is Available


These are challenging times for businesses all over the nation. The Texas Comptroller’s office knows that during periods of economic hardship, paying or remitting taxes and fees on time can feel like an extra burden when there’s so much uncertainty. We’re thankful to those businesses that were able to remit state and local sales taxes they collected from customers in February on the March 20, 2020, due date.

We understand that virtually all of our taxpayers are doing their best to remain in compliance and be responsible in submitting the taxes they collected from their customers. With that in mind, our agency is here to offer assistance to those businesses that are struggling to pay the full amount of sales taxes they collected in February.

For businesses that find themselves in this situation, our agency is offering assistance in the form of short-term payment agreements and, in most instances, waivers of penalties and interest.

We ask that you contact our Enforcement Hotline at 800-252-8880 to learn about your options for remaining in compliance and avoiding interest and late fees on taxes due.

In addition, we have a variety of online tools for businesses seeking assistance. See our COVID-19 emergency response webpage for access to online tools, tutorials and other resources for tax services, and to establish 24/7 online account access with Webfile.

We’re standing by to help Texas businesses during these difficult times.