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Tax Time Q&A's

We often get asked the same question and that is: "When do I need to have my tax info to you, in order to get it done on time?" or "When do I have to have my stuff in to you?" and the most common, "I'm working on my tax stuff and I'll get to to you next week, is that o.k.?"

Here are your answers.
If you are an early filer and you want your return done by April 15th, then we need to have ALL of your tax information in our office by March the 15th. We have to have time to review your information, prepare the return, discuss it with you, make any adjustments necessary, electronically file the return and then receive the acknowledgement back from the IRS. We try to work on a first in, first out basis, so the sooner you get it to us, the sooner we will have it done.
If you are a late filer and you want your return done by the final October 15th deadline, then we need ALL of your tax information in our office by September 15th. We realize that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and you may not be able to meet our deadline criteria. In this case we will always try to accommodate you the best we can.
Obviously we are continuing to work on tax returns from April 16-October 15. So if you are "working on it", then please get it to us as soon as possible. 
There are several ways for you to get your tax information to us: you can drop it by in person during normal business hours, you can slip it through our mail slot anytime, you can fax it, you can email it, or you can send it via regular mail, Federal Express or UPS. Our email addresses are as follows:;;;;
Fax number 469-402-0532
After your return is electronically filed, you will receive a package from our office. This package will contain your copy of your tax return(s), a cover letter with instructions, and our invoice. Please open this package when you receive it and view the contents. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions. Always keep your copy of your tax return in a safe and secure place. We will also have an electronic copy of your tax return available online. Just log in to the client portal once you have received your invitation email.
Those of you who have been our clients and friends for the last 10, 20, or 30 years, you know that we usuall try to take a few days off after the chaos of the April 15th deadline subsides and we are out of the office for about a week at that time. 
We hope the information on this page has been helpful to you. And remember you can always call us if you have any questions or concerns about anything. There are no dumb questions when it comes to your taxes!